Danza - Dolores Mayán

Danza - Dolores Mayán
Escuela BSdanza


Sasha Waltz - 2007
"La Danza es la manifestación de estar vivos. La Danza es transformación. La Danza encuentra el alma, la Danza ofrece al cuerpo una dimensión espiritual.
La Danza nos permite sentir nuestro cuerpo, sublimarlo, ir más allá, ser otro cuerpo".
"Dance is the manifestation of our being alive. dance is transformation. Dance locates the soul, dance affords the body a spiritual dimensión.
Dance enables us to feel our body, to rise above, to go beyond, to be another body".


Dance Caper-Bility is Hampshire Dance’s highly acclaimed accredited training course for people interested in dance with disabled people. It is designed for participants with a wide range of experience and ability.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------StopGAP Dance Company
StopGAP is an integrated professional contemporary dance company which has dancers with and without disabilities.


Anjali Dance Company

Anjali Dance Company aims to awaken and cultivate this potential, particularly in those with a learning disability. The company supports its dancers to achieve their highest potential: and through its education work, Anjali inspires others to do the same.
Danza Mobile
La Asociación Compañía Danza Mobile ofrece Talleres de Danza dirigidos a personas con discapacidad intelectual y están orientados a ser una actividad complementaria dentro de la educación de este colectivo.

Dentro de la pluralidad de artes escénicas existentes, la danza es especialmente adecuada y efectiva en la formación de personas con discapacidad intelectual.

Amici Dance Theatre Company
AMICI Dance Theatre Company is a unique dance theatre company integrating able-bodied & disabled artists and performers.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------CandoCo Dance Company

CandoCo is the leading contemporary dance company of disabled and non- disabled dancers.

CandoCo strives to broaden the perception of what dance is, through its performance repertoire and its education and training programme. Both are integral to the success of CandoCo’s vision as a company that seeks to inspire audiences and support participants to achieve their highest aspirations in line with the Company’s ethos that “dance is accessible to everyone”.



Inspiring people with learning disabilities to achieve their artistic ambitions.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------Magpie Dance
Magpie is an inclusive dance company for people with and without learning disabilities and has been based in Bromley for over ten years.

The philosophy of Magpie is that participation in the arts is for all, the emphasis being on ability and not disability.


Axis dance Company

AXIS Dance Company's mission is to create and perform high quality contemporary dance that is developed through the collaboration of dancers with and without disabilities. AXIS teaches dance and educates about collaboration and disability through community outreach and education programs.

Common Ground

In 1986 Common Ground pioneered a style of dance performance which integrates Sign Language into choreography, creating a new art form. All our work is original and organic, strongly rooted in Deaf culture yet fully accessible to those without any knowledge of Sign Language.


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