Danza - Dolores Mayán

Danza - Dolores Mayán
Escuela BSdanza


PHANTOM LIMBS for Agulhas Theatre Works-ATW. Choreographed by Gladys Agulhas


Venue: Museum Africa , Johannesburg

Date: 9 August at

A dance art work between women for women exploring the beauty of every

woman and her glittery toys and gadgets presented by Agulhas Theatre

Works-ATW. Choreographed by Gladys Agulhas, winner of the DAC Mosadi

wa Konokono Award 2007 (Woman of Substance) and featuring Gladys

Agulhas, Stacey Rosen (visual artist), Makhosto Sompane (dancer on wheels),

and Ntombizodwa String Quartet and pianist.

2008 International Dance Day Message

WOMEN in the arts are being celebrated through an extensive programme of entertainment and culture, coinciding with International Women's Day on 9 August.

Taking place in Newtown, the four-day Newtown celebrates Women's Day programme of dance, film, performing art, literature and live music runs from 6 to 10 August.


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