Danza - Dolores Mayán

Danza - Dolores Mayán
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Agulhas Dance Theatre
Can-Can Dance Marathon


Agulhas Theatre Works is a non-profit, integrated, contemporary dance company promoting
dance/movement and its affiliated arts for adults and children with all disabilities. All proceeds from this fundraiser go to the Agulhas Theatre Works Outreach Programme, where children and youth between the ages of 8 and 18 attend dance and art classes at Museum Africa in Newtown.
Everyone can dance!
The can~can dance m arathon is a celebration of life, public spirit and hope embracing an atmosphere of peace through fun interactive live theatre. It is an integrated dance marathon uniting able-bodied and people with disabilities. The dance marathon is not a test of finesse or technical ability, but a capturing of the essence of movement. No previous dance experience is necessary. From ballet to break-dancing, ballroom to afro fusion, hip-hop to nia… everyone can groove!
So come join us and do the can~can!

Signature Dance
The can~can dance m arathon has a signature line dance which has been choreographed especially for this event by Gladys Agulhas, choreographer, dance education practitioner and independent performer.
The can~can dance is a fun, simple sequence that everyone can do.
There will be professional and amateur entertainment during the marathon.
The children of the Agulhas Theatre Works Outreach Programme will perform their Dancing Sticks production. A Children’s Fashion Show sponsored by Nike and Naartjie. Professional dancers, choreographers, dance teachers and celebrities are volunteering their time. Dancers from diversely different platform s will im provise together - a unique and exciting opportunity for them to share the sam e stage.
For further info please contact Stacey on dazi@icon.co.za or 083 391 6155. Note to media but not for publication: If you would like to interview Gladys or Stacey about the event, please contact Bridgette Oerle on buz@ buz.co.za or 083 263 6991.


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